Our experienced lettings team is ready to help you find the right property for you. We are ideally placed to make sure you know what to look for and where in the Cambridgeshire area.

If you have concerns about costs and fees please contact us now or take a look at our Tenant’s Guide.

We have put the guide together to provide information about the cost of renting a typical property through Giggs and Company Lettings. The fees we have used to illustrate the guide are maximum ones - the real figures will depend on your individual circumstances and the number of people applying to rent a property.

It’s very important to us that we are as transparent as possible about our fees and services. If you have specific needs or any questions at all please contact us now.

Please take a look at our Tenant’s Fees.

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Good experience, little hassles.


Roland Benedicto

Giggs & Co are quite simply an excellent business. Their lettings team have done an amazing job in managing my property for me for many years and have often gone above and beyond the call of duty...."

Asli Vestlund

Fantastic, professional service from a friendly team. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Giggs & Co. to sell or let your property having had a great experience of both.


Sarah Finnemore

very helpful, nothing was too much trouble, definitely recommend them


Paul Kermode

Good experience, little hassles.


Roland Benedicto

I would highly recommend Giggs and Co. Both the sales and lettings teams have served us very well over the years. Everyone involved is always friendly, helpful and professional. At the present..."

Jackie & Ian

'Nadine has proved to be a reliable and proficient manager of my rental properties. I love that ‘hiccups’ get sorted quickly and efficiently, always keeping me informed and up to date...."

Lesley, Landlord

My partner and I were recently shown a house by Jack P of Giggs and Co.  We were really pleased with Jack's politeness, helpfulness and confidence.  Jack was much better than most estate agents..."

Brian L

'Giggs and Company Lettings are polite, friendly and helpful always going that extra mile. My main contact is Amanda who is a pleasure to work with and always keeps me up to date with my..."

Ray, Landlord

First class, from the top of the tree right down throughout the hierarchy. Wouldn't look anywhere else next time I am in the market


Jon G

So far we cannot fault our Giggs experience, very professional and great advice. Would highly recommend.


Amy L

Giggs & Co - and in particular our agent Eric Shram - were brilliant. They were always efficient, friendly, supportive, completely reliable and super-easy to deal with every step of the way. I'd..."

J Garner